Three Interviews and a Fundraiser

I've had several recent opportunities to share my lung cancer story and to advocate for more research funding.  It just happened that these three interviews were released so close together that I am sharing all with you in one post.

Team Draft Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge

I took the challenge this year.  I've been fundraising for Lung Cancer Colorado Fund to support the groundbreaking lung cancer research and treatment developments at the University of Colorado Lung Cancer program.  I earned the chance to go to the Pro Bowl to experience the events while I share my lung cancer story and advocate for awareness and lung cancer research funding.  Click HERE or the Pro Bowl logo to see a Team Draft video about my fundraiser.

You can help me reach my $50,000 fundraising goal .  Click HERE or the donate button to submit a tax deductible donation today. Donations can be made through Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2020. 

Living Lives with Lung Cancer website interview

LLwLC is a website focusing on lung cancer patients and survivors living and thriving in spite of their diagnosis.  I'm lucky enough to be one of the first to be interviewed.  I can't wait to see and read upcoming inspirational stories from fellow lung cancer patients. Click HERE or the zipline photo collage to read my interview.

Cincinnati radio/podcast interview

Melissa and I recorded this interview in November 2019.  I think it was originally an hour and ten or twenty minutes long.  The Medical Apocalypse doesn't really have a Cliff's Notes version.  Melissa did a wonderful job editing that down for the show.  you can hear the interview HERE or click this video.


Joe Thomas Cameo Enouragement Dec 2019

This is so freaking cool!I  received my Joe Thomas Cameo today.  I requested encouragement for my Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge. 

I've watched this enough today I've lost count.  It  smilemakes me every time.  😁


Cyber Monday Discount Giving Tuesday Purpose

Cyber Monday:

UPDATE: Use prmo coade GIVING10 for 10% discount.  Expires 12/7/19.
Peace Lungs & CLE shirts are available.  Place your order today.  Your Cyber Monday Promo Code is:CYBER10 Offer expires on Tuesday Dec 3, 2019. Click on a shirt or HERE to order.  All proceeds will be donated to the Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge.


Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is coming. Please consider making a tax deductible donation to the Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge.

90% of funds go to life saving lung cancer research. 10% will help Team Draft continue their mission of changing the face of lung cancer with awareness and #survivorship and
providing lung cancer patients, survivors and their families exciting, memorable  moments away from medical appointments, cancer centers and living with lung cancer.

Your donation, of any amount,  may provide the funds needed to research or develop a new lung cancer  treatment. It will brighten my day, put a smile on my face and could possibly provide me with a trip to Super Bowl LIV, the Pro Bowl or the Taste of the NFL. These trips are awarded to the top three fundraisers. As I post this, I am currently in second place, only by a hair.  All three trips would be a trip to Florida in the middle of winter.  I would love some fun in the sun.

The Super Bowl Challenge has given me a focus with an obtainable goal, high but obtainable.  After the past couple years and recent months of recovering from personal devastation and difficult times, the challenge is a wonderful distraction with a possible outcome of a reward and trip away from my everyday reality, challenges and hurdles with lung cancer, progressive brain disease and recovering from a hemorrhagic stroke.

Please donate, share my fundraiser link with everyone
and put positive thoughts, prayers and energy into the universe. 


What is LCAM?

November is LCAM. 

What does that mean?  

Here's my latest article for lungcancer.net that breaks it down and explains the campaign and it's origins.


2020 Lung Cancer Survivor Super Bowl Challenge Kickoff

Because of everyone's generosity, I raised $374 for my challenge.

I kicked off my 2020 Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl challenge fundraising campaign at the Cleveland vs Broncos game in Denver on Sunday, November 3, 2019.

It was a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, I got to introduce myself, share my lung cancer story, information about lung cancer Awareness Month and my participation in this year's Super Bowl Challenge.  So many tailgaters were more than generous with their time and money.  Browns fans and Broncos fans as well.  It goes to show, no matter which team we root for, we all agree that lung cancer (or any cancer)sucks.
More photos of #CLEvsDEN tailgating HERE.

I have until December 30, 2019 to reach my $50,000 fundraising goal.  Please donate HERE.  No amount is too small.  Every dollar counts, even when you make a minimum donation.