Good News Spreads Fast

My Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge is going well. At the moment, I'm in the running for the third place prize. I'm approaching the halfway milestone of my $10,000 fundraising goal.
I've turned to social media to advertise and promote my fundraiser and spread awareness. One of these methods is Thunderclap. You can help promote  my Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge Fundraiser. By signing up you will help share a scheduled message on Twitter, Facebook and Tumbler.
Click HERE to join my Thunderclap.

What is Thunderclap?
Thunderclap is a tool that lets a message be heard when you and your friends say it together. Think of it as an "online flash mob." Join a Thunderclap, and you and others will share the same message at the same time, spreading an idea through Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr that cannot be ignored.

I need the support of 100 people before December 26. With Thunderclap, I'm not asking for donations. I just need 100 people to go to my Thunderclap and click "Support". That's it. If I reach 100 clicks to support me, my Super Bowl Challenge will blast out over social media, one time, at the same time. There is potential of sharing my fundraiser with thousands of thousands of people. 
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Thank you for your support.


Giving and Receiving

Giving Tuesday was followed by Overwhelmed Wednesday. I expected a few additional donations to my Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge on Tuesday due to the nature of the day. But I never imagined I would receive nearly $2K in one day. That amount is amazing. I'm so grateful for everyone's generosity.

Giving Tuesday was a great big success. I created a one day Facebook fundraiser that will be matched by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as part of their Giving Tuesday campaign. That means the $742 that was donated will become $1,484!!!! In addition to the donation made directly at my contest site, the Giving Tuesday donations totalled $1984!!!!

I have taken advantage of opportunities presented to me to represent the lung cancer community. One is the chance of going to the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl or the Taste of NFL as a lung cancer patient advocate while raising awareness of lung cancer and the need for research funds.

At this point 50% of the donations collected will be be donated to the foundation of my choice, the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer (IASLC). When my donation total reaches $5,000, 80% will be donated to IASLC.

Thank you to everyone that donated and shared my fundraiser links. Because of you I'm currently in the top running for the Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge.

The Facebook fundraiser was a one day event. But the Lung Cancer Survivors Super Bowl Challenge is not over. You can still donate until January 1, 2017.

Click the link on my blog or HERE to donate today.