My Chemotherapy Theme Song 2020, TESLA - Breakin' Free

There have been many points over the last 35 years when Tesla has had the right song at the right time to provide the perfect soundtrack to my life. Today, it's Breakin' Free, originally released in 2008. This evening was the premiere of their newest Home to Home TeslaQuarantined video.  They did it gain, perfect timing for me.
Many songs are written with a certain situation in mind. But music is art. The listener can interpret the lyrics and the feeling the music gives them any way they want.

These lyrics helped me through a breakup in 2009.

In 2020, they are helping me to break free from my new cancer progression and to start my next lung cancer treatment chapter. 

I don't care what you say
You'd better get out of my way.
I'm tired of wastin' my time,
Now I'm breakin' free....

I always knew the day would come
When everything's coming undone
Now I've made up my mind, I'm breakin' free.....

Everything's coming undone.  The cancer has formed a new mutation and my current targeted therapy can't keep my lung cancer 100% under control.  It's time to break free and add additional iv chemotherapy treatments to control this newest growth and spread.

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