I'm Winning the Fight

My latest article for lungcancer.net was written while the outcome of a late stage lung cancer diagnosis hit too close to home.

Over a span of just a few days, we lost two important people in our lives to lung cancer.  My boyfriend lost his aunt that treated him more like a son than a nephew and I lost one of my closest friends and lung cancer confidantes.

When someone dies of cancer the horrible cliche,  "lost their battle", is often used.  As these women were transitioning to hospice care and the afterworld, the only thing they were losing was their life on earth.  They won the battle.  With that,  they won the war.

Click the article photo below to read my latest article, "Beating Incurable Terminal Stage IV Lung Cancer". 

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  1. Lisa,
    Thank you for sharing your story. You are a blessing, an inspiration, and I appreciate your positive attitude. I was diagnosed on December 4th with stage 4 lung cancer. I was basically handed a DNR form, told I qualify for hospice, but have a chance because of my age. I am only 50 and like you, very active and physically fit otherwise. I have since had a 2nd opinion at Duke, and the outcome was much more optimistic. Recently, I've had a pericardial window procedure (my first boxing round!!!), and feel so much better! Last week, was my 4th immunotherapy treatment, and CT scan to compare with the one performed in late November. The CT scan showed it being smaller and/or not visible! Just like you, I believe whole heartedly that the power of prayer and positive attitude (which I'll admit, has been hard at times) has so much to do with how well we respond. Thank you again, and I will continue to follow your story here, and your writings on lungcancer.net. Amy


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