Life with lung cancer is a rollercoaster.  But for me,  I've been on two or more different rides at the same time since my first major medical diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer in 2015.  With so much going on at once, I seemed to have tended to one ride while another ride was taking over my life, health and emotions.  And this all was happening without me recognizing that anxieties and depression had engulfed my thoughts, my physical being and my normally positive outlook on life.

I knew to keep my head on a swivel at construction job sites and while I delivered mail, working around traffic.  It recently came to light that I need to keep my head on a swivel in my medical life as well as my personal and  mental health lives as well.

HERE  is my latest article, Rollercoasters,  for lungcancer.netwww.lungcancer.net.

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