Thursday, August 11, 2016

One Year Ago Today...August 11, 2015

One year ago today I was in the pulmonologist office with my mom. I heard the words nobody wants to hear. It was confirmed. I had non small cell, adenocarcinoma, lung cancer. I had the doctor write out the word, ADENOCARCINOMA.

I asked the doctor what caused my cancer. He said they don't know. But said that it probably wasn't my smoking in my teens and 20's. I was never a heavy smoker and I quit 14 years before my diagnosis. But added that smoking did raise my risks of getting any type of cancer.

Ok. So what do we do about it? At the time the only scan I had was a ct scan. From the ct scan the cancer appeared to be one large tumor in my upper right lobe. If that was it, I was a good candidate for surgery. I was ready to get this thing out of my body, asap! But I needed a pet scan to see just how active the cancer was. At the end of this appointment, the plan was, pet scan first and we would schedule surgery from there.

At this point, things didn't seem grim. I mean, nobody wants to hear they have lung cancer, or any type of cancer. But we had a plan in place, I wanted to get this tumor out of me.

I allowed myself to start my Google searches. I had a diagnosis. I knew what to research.
I can't remember all off the sites my searches took me to. But I remember while I was looking at the search results and realizing things could be grim. But that wasn't me. That's not my case. I have a plan. I'm just going to have surgery and possibly follow up chemo or radiation and I was going to be cured.

Three days later I would find out we were going to need a Plan B.

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